Anatomic and Molecular Pathology (AMP) Core Labs

AMP Labs is a full-service CAP/CLIA certified anatomic pathology laboratory. It provides support for clinical consults, outreach services in general and subspecialty surgical pathology, autopsy services for adult and pediatric patients, and intake for molecular testing. It also supports selected clinical trials and translational research projects.

Clinical and Translational Genomics (CaTG) Laboratory

The CaTG represents a proactive integration of two formerly independent clinical laboratories performing high-complexity testing in the dynamic field of clinical genomics—the Cytogenetics & Molecular Pathology Laboratory, and Genomics and Pathology Services (GPS).

Electron Microscopy Facility

The Electron Microscope Facility, licensed under the AMP Core Labs, provides routine transmission electron microscopy on various sample types including kidney, nerve, skin and ciliary biopsies to aid in the diagnosis of complex pathological diseases.

Dermatopathology Center

The laboratory is committed to expert interpretation of routine and complex skin, hair and nail biopsy specimens. The physicians at the Dermatopathology Center deliver patient-focused care by providing timely and definitive diagnoses.