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The Department of Pathology & Immunology at Washington University School of Medicine, founded in 1910, has a century-long academic mission focused on research, teaching and patient care. Dr. Lauren V. Ackerman joined the department in 1948 and essentially founded the discipline of surgical pathology. Our subspecialized surgical pathology team use genomic testing to add value to morphologic-based diagnoses in routine clinical practice. We provide primary diagnosis and second opinion consultations in 14 surgical pathology subspecialties. Ancillary genomic testing and technical-component only processing is available as well. Please see OUR EXPERTS for more information.

  • Complete a Consultation Request Form
  • Include a cover letter with a brief clinical history, including patient's name, age, and sex, location of site, and your case number as well as the name of our pathologist to assess the case if you have a preference.
  • Please provide a copy of the patient's pathology report, even if there is no final diagnosis.  
  • Package slides and/or blocks and any supporting paperwork available and send materials to:
Pathology Services
Attn: Consult Service
509 South Euclid Avenue
Campus Box 8118
Saint Louis, MO  63110

NOTE:  To prevent paraffin blocks from melting, please include an ice pack with blocks during summer months

For Billing, please see our Billing Policies

To consult with faculty, general processing and billing inquiries, please contact Customer Service at (855) 258-8554