p-alpha-Synuclein | IHC

Test DetailsDetection of the antigen in postmortem, formalin-fixed and paraffin embedded brain tissue
ComponentsClone pSyn#64 performed as an LDT on Ventana Ultra platform
PerformedMonday – Friday
Turnaround2 – 3 business days
Specimen requirementsFFPE postmortem brain tissue

Minimum specimen requirement: 2 slides.
If requesting interpretation, please submit an H&E slide.
Sample collectionTesting currently limited to WU autopsy cases
Unacceptable ConditionsMelted block; brain tissue pre-treated with formic acid
CPT Code(s)NA
MiscellaneousImmunohistochemical tests for alpha-synuclein (clone pSyn#64) were developed by AMP Core Labs in collaboration with the Division of Neuropathology, WU Department of Pathology and Immunology. The tests using DAB or AEC detection were validated for use on formalin-fixed postmortem brain tissues; potential effects of formic acid treatment have not been evaluated. The tests are performed using a polymer-based detection system and instrumentation by Ventana Medical Systems. Additional details regarding the procedures are available on request. Results must be interpreted in conjunction with available clinical and pathologic information.